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Welcome to our Farm!
Celebrating Our 43nd Year in Business!

What's NEW???

***It's Cider & Donut SEASON!***

We make our donuts fresh at our Farm Market everyday. We have cinnamon, sugar, and plain. And don't forget our fresh made Sweet Apple Cider! We've been told we have the best cider and donuts in town - but we'd like you to be the judge of that. We will be closed this labor day. Our farm market is open everyday from 10am to 6pm until October 31st......come visit us and Buy Local, Eat Healthy!!!

***It's Apple SEASON!***

Mother nature has given us very light apple crop this year. The extreme heat in March made the trees break out of dormancy too early. Then, when the buds came out, we had 9 degrees which killed a large percentage of the fruit. We will have an ample supply of apples for our farm market, cider, and pies but no apples available for U-Pick. Our U-Pick apple orchards are closed for the 2016 season.

Please check back next year!

Our Mission Statement

Lone Maple Farm is a farm market that provides the highest quality fresh fruit, vegetables, baked goods, plants, ice cream, and wine. Friendly personalized service, knowlegeable employees, and educational entertainment make a visit to our farm enjoyable for the whole family.

Business Philosophy

"Quality, Service, and Guaranteed Satisfaction"

Lone Maple Farm has continued to grow over the years by having the highest quality fruit, vegetables, fresh baked goods, plants, ice cream, and wine. We will not sell any 2nds, old, rotten, poor quality, or inferior products. We strive to sell the best of what we sell at a fair price.

Friendly, personalized service that only a family owned business can provide distinquishes us from grocery stores and our competition. We do what ever it takes to make our customers feel like we are here to serve them.

Guaranteed Satisfaction means that if a customer is ever unhappy with a product they purchase from us for consumption, we will give them their money back or give them a replacement.

Our Culture Statement

As part of the Lone Maple Farm team, we all adhere to the following: We are honest, We are fair, We are respectful, We are kind, We are positive, We are hard working, We are helpful, We are punctual, We are Cleanly, We are true to our word, We are professional, and We HAVE FUN!

Lone Maple Farm (607) 724-6877, e-mail info@lonemaplefarm.com.

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