Ag & Food Business Germinator

Are you interested in starting an agriculture or food related business?  Do you need a little help and guidance on how to get started?  If so, you may be a candidate for our Ag & Food Business Germinator!

We have been growing crops and selling retail food items successfully, commercially, profitably for many decades.  It is challenging but truly rewarding! Leverage our experience to help you start your new venture.

The Lone Maple Farm Ag & Food Business Germinator program is now open for enrollment for 2023 season.  The program takes someone with an interest in growing or producing a food item for resell through the journey of developing a business plan, selecting crops/developing recipes, market viability testing, one on one mentoring from seeding to plant care, and also provides a retail outlet for any crops or food items you produce.  Think of the program as a guided journey taking your agricultural related or food or drink business idea and making it a viable business.  The journey begins with defining the crops you want to grow / food or drink items you will produce, the growing system or production method, growing methods or scaling plans, identifying your customer and target market, defining costs and determining sales price, creating proforma financial statements, setting up an accounting system, developing a business plan, creating a food safety plan, crop scouting and pest identification, harvesting & packaging, growing distribution channels, billing and cash flow management.

This is not a free service (if you are looking for a free service, please visit the Binghamton SBDC or Broome County Cornell Cooperative Extension.  Instead it is a customized one on one program driven by your individual personal and business goals.  The goal is to help you grow your business and graduate from the Germinator within 1 to 3 seasons.  Based on your needs for a location, space, infrastructure, and entity creation,  your start up business can be located entirely on our farm or at another location.

The deadline for enrollment in the 2023 season is March 31, 2023...To sign up, please and put "Ag & Food Germinator" in the subject with your business idea and contact information in the body of the email.

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